In 2018, EOL entered our 22nd year of trading – and what a year 2018 proved to be  – with many key achievements.

Established in 1996, EOL are immensely proud to be one of the longest standing and most respected ITAD’s in the industry and remain, the most accredited independent.

Throughout 2018 we continued with our commitment to data security, enhancing our compliance further by achieving CAS(S) certification (under the NCSC Assured Sanitisation Service) and also the highest level of accreditation that the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) can offer – a Distinction with Honours.

ADISA has only awarded this level of certification to a total of four other members and achieving this confirms EOL’s position as being at the very forefront of the IT Asset Disposal and Data Security industry.  Coupled with CAS(S) certification, EOL has now achieved an absolutely unique position, as the only ITAD organisation ever to been awarded with both accreditations. EOL’s capabilities now include offering the highest level of secure data sanitisation and our expert data destruction team are now qualified to destroy data up to the Government’s “Secret” level.

The company’s revenue grew by a staggering 41% and our services offering was expanded with a new dedicated services division.

Daniel Smith, Managing Director said “2018 saw incredible growth, that as a 22 year old business, everyone at EOL is rightly proud of. Clients are increasingly considering EOL as a multi-faceted IT Services business and are requesting additional capabilities (ITAD+) post GDPR. Project Services is therefore the fastest growing division within EOL, which has meant there is a need for a dedicated division to be built out, in order for our core activity to remain unaffected.”

We processed a total of 409,100 devices for our Clients and eliminated a total of 34,401,806 GB of data securely – more than double the data, securely eliminated in 2017.

With a focus on ensuring our operation continues to grow and expand we took on new staff members, new vehicles (we are one of the only ITADs in the UK with their own dedicated fleet – operating throughout the UK and Europe) to ensure we can meet the varying demands of our client base, which also grew by 20%.

In 2018 EOL also took the decision to “upgrade” our existing ISO standards 9001, 14001 and 18001 to UKAS.  Russell Smith, Compliance & Security Director for EOL said “No other certification body is better thought of, more well-known or as vigorous in their auditing as BSI so by upgrading these certifications to the UKAS standard, EOL’s efforts throughout the years, have been officially recognised and validated.”

Looking forward to 2019, Daniel Smith commented “2019 sees a continuing shift away from the informal ‘best price wins’ ITAD engagement of the past, to businesses now increasingly producing tenders to guarantee quality, security, standards and value. With a long term strategy to maintain our position as the UK’s No. 1 most accredited ITAD, EOL is uniquely placed to benefit from this market maturation. As the only ITAD globally to achieve CAS-S, CPNI and ADISA’s Distinction with Honours category, EOL looks forward to 2019 as enterprise clients increasingly realise the need to consider ITAD activity as part of their overall IT Security Strategy”


Our commitment to data security is tireless and as one of the market leaders we implement innovative and robust service solutions for our clients, across every sector.  If you require the services of an ITAD then look no further – work with the best and contact EOL today to discuss your data security and IT Lifecycle requirements.


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