1. Additional Services

Uncertain about the future of your IT Assets?

With the forthcoming months bringing uncertainty around your organisations IT requirements, home working, office closures and office relocation’s, you may be unsure on what to do with surplus IT equipment.

Perhaps you don’t really know what equipment you have or what is going to be required?  Perhaps you are considering the sale of some IT equipment to free up budget to purchase new equipment? 

Perhaps with home working set to continue, you find that entire floors of IT are currently “surplus” – but may not be in 3-6 months time?

In these uncertain times, EOL are here to help and we are offering new services to ensure that you can plan and prepare, for all eventualities.

Maximise value, maximise your options
and minimise the risk.

We can sanitise and prepare equipment either for storage, resale or redeployment to staff at home.

We offer a circular solution for the collection & disposal of remote workers legacy equipment and the delivery of new replacement equipment – including upgrades and imaging.

Struggling with your supply chain?  If you need additional equipment, consider Grade A+ refurbished equipment, which EOL can source & supply.

With a reduced workforce many organisations are also reducing or closing
certain floors and offices – we can assist with decommissioning.

Perhaps you need to move IT to a different location – our trusted and COVID certified relocation service ensures a secure chain of custody and the safe and swift delivery of your IT Assets to their next destination.

If at this stage you don’t truly know what equipment you have already, we can provide a complete inventory via our IT Asset Audit service – knowing what you have can help you plan for future projects, highlight surplus equipment for resale and also ensure you only purchase what you require when the time comes – a full audit will assist you to decide whether to release kit/retain it/or store for future redeployment.

We can supply IT Engineers to assist with project work and add valuable
resource to your team, as and when required.

If you wish to retain assets at the moment for possible redeployment, we can collect, data erase, clean and store them for you – boxed and ready for eventual redeployment – minimising the risk of data leakage.

EOL continue to operate in addition, our standard ITAD services and these can be incorporated into any of the above additional services..

Whatever you need or whatever you’re currently considering, talk to us today –
you’d be surprised at how much our circular solutions, can assist you.

As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.

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