1. Covid-19 Certified Services

COVID-19 Certified Services

During the Covid-19 pandemic, EOL’s main priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers at all times, both on and off site.

We have taken extensive actions during this crisis to ensure that our services are compliant with Government guidance and best practice at all times, whilst ensuring our IT disposal services, project services work, secure relocations and data destruction services can continue – both within our own premises and on site at our Client’s.

Data security will still be the number 1 priority for EOL during this period of change and EOL’s focus has never waivered from ensuring the secure, compliant destruction of your data…….


Our facility is now operating a strict one way system, to ensure social distancing is adhered to at all times, by all staff and all external visitors, with clear signage upon entry, exit and throughout the building.


Arrival times, break times, lunchtimes and finish times are staggered for all staff, to limit the number of employees/visitors on site at one time.


All staff will remain 2 meters apart within the facility (wherever possible) and all communal areas, that remain open, (having closed our EOL cafe) have strict rules applied to maintain this, with signage and floor tape throughout the premises to remind all staff and visitors of this requirement.


All staff are reminded of the requirement to wash their hands regularly – both when arriving at the facility, leaving the facility and frequently throughout the day. Sanitising stations have been set up throughout the facility with instructions and supplies for external visitors as well as staff. Each staff member has been issued with individual cleaning supplies and trained to have responsibility for the welfare and cleanliness of their own areas.


A temperature gauge will be used to screen staff on arrival by one designated member of staff who will be provided with full PPE including Face Screen, Mask and Gloves. Should a staff member be found to have a temperature, they will be asked to leave the premises and arrange to be tested for COVID-19, prior to returning to work, on a negative result.


EOL staff have been given training and advice on hygiene measures to reduce the risk of infection and visual aids have been placed in keys areas within our premises.


Deep cleaning of the entire facility has taken place and daily cleaning procedures enhanced to ensure a germ free working environment, as much as possible.

As per the latest Government guidelines below, employees are not permitted to work in any capacity for a period of 14 days, if the following statements apply:

If they have knowingly been in contact with any individual who has either been diagnosed with or is suspected to have COVID-19

If they have been in contact with any individual who has self-isolated in the last 7 days

Travelled internationally – all staff must self-isolate on their return for a period of 14 days

In addition:


Where possible (dependent on role) staff that are able to work from home are actively encouraged to do so

To ensure that we can continue to collect IT assets safely during COVID-19 we now ensure that our logistics personnel and EOL fleet adhere to the highest levels of health & safety and security measures

The EOL Logistics teams will work in “bubbles” of 2 man crews – always working with the same partner, whilst maintaining a 2 metre distance and following the government guidelines for traveling together in a vehicle, when necessary. If one of the crew members becomes unwell with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, both crew members will self-isolate for 14 days and an alternative team will attend the Client’s site;

All EOL vehicles will carry disposable masks, gloves and hand sanitising gel for EOL staff to use whilst on a customer’s site. These will be removed from site and disposed of correctly after each use;

EOL staff attending a customer’s site will wash their hands before entering and after leaving the site or use hand sanitising gel where applicable;

EOL staff will wear gloves at all times when handling customer equipment on site;

If there is a suspicion of the coronavirus at a customer site, all equipment collected from the site will be cleaned thoroughly in an isolated quarantine area before the engineering process begins;

SMS service and Digital documentation being developed to ensure a Paperless/ Zero contact service

Deep cleaning of all vehicles utilised for Client Collections – cabs will be cleaned using anti-bacterial products prior to and after each collection and vehicles will be cleaned prior to leaving our facility and on their return (to include handles, keys, steering wheel etc).

EOL do not employ sub-contractors or couriers and operate our own dedicated logistics fleet with our own fully vetted staff. This ensures both data security but also full control over the hygiene and health and safety procedures we operate under.

Our teams will ensure:

If they have knowingly been in contact with any individual who has either been diagnosed with or is suspected to have COVID-19

Ensure that when collecting or delivering items, they have understood EOL’s COVID risk assessment prior to this;

Zero Contact – wherever possible we are reducing the required level of contact with our Clients including the reduction of paperwork provided and enhanced digital audit trails.

Monitoring Risk and Ensuring Compliance

Our Emergency Incident Response team has implemented the EOL Health and Safety Business Continuity plan for use during the crisis and in the event of any coronavirus related issues.  EOL continue to monitor the UK Gov website for updates to the crisis and best practice to contain and mitigate against it.

In the event that you suspect or have confirmed cases of the virus at your site please inform the EOL Health & Safety team immediately so that we can take the appropriate steps and ensure everyone’s safety throughout our visit (healthandsafety@eolitservices.co.uk).

Talk to us

Our administration team will contact you prior to your collection/delivery/project services work to ensure all paperwork that can be completed prior to us undertaking services on your behalf is managed digitally.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding our processes, please ensure that you raise these either with your Account Manager, the Account Administrator or the Logistics Team on arrival.

Please ensure that IT equipment is stored in line with industry best practice – i.e., by using cages for loose items or stacking equipment on pallets.  If you require guidance on weight restrictions, please contact your Account Manager or Administrator to discuss this.

Please ensure that there is sufficient space for both our vehicles arrival/exit and our logistics personnel to undertake their duties, without breaking social distancing rules, keeping interaction to a minimum.

Our promise to you

With EOL, your data is always in safe hands. 

Continuing to operate as the UK’s most accredited provider of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), Lifecycle Services and Data Destruction services, we will work with you throughout this crisis to assist in any way we can.  We will always ensure we provide a secure chain of custody and our compliant processes will keep your business projects moving – safely and securely.

Due to increased demand and a changing landscape for many of our Client’s, we have rapidly put in place many additional services to assist with everything from the sanitisation of hardware to dynamic circular solutions for home workers.

Whatever you need, speak to us today – we may be able to help you in more ways than you think.

#staysafe #WeAreEOL

As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.

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