1. Environment And CSR
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility

Working together to achieve our goals

At EOL IT Services, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is extremely high on our agenda and we consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of our activities on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders, as well as the environment.

EOL are committed to responsibly recycle and manage clients outgoing assets to ensure minimum impact on the environment and work to continually improve these procedures

Environment Agency

EOL IT Services is one of the largest independent IT recyclers in the UK and we are regularly audited by the Environment Agency (EA) who monitors our systems and compliance.

Our high level of competence is so well considered by the EA that they have used EOL as a case study because of our positive environmental efforts and impact, the good work we carry out in the community and for the investment we put into training our staff.

EOL’s Commitment

EOL IT Services has made a strong and on-going commitment to CSR and to ensure that its clients also meet the exacting standards that must be met in the responsible disposal of IT and general office electrical equipment and data erasure. To assist our clients, EOL IT Services steer them through the relevant legislation, including WEEE (Wastea Electronic and Electrical Equipment) Directive, Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, Hazardous Waste Act and other EU legislation.

Responsible Recycling

EOL IT Services endeavours to operate a zero landfill policy and our aim is to reuse 90% of all IT equipment collected, the remaining 10% goes to our waste management partners for further refinement.  EOL understand the issues and responsibilities placed on us by the Landfill Regulations Act 2002, so we ensure that all our partners are processing our waste correctly. EOL use our internal audits and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard to maintain awareness and monitor any risks in the process.


The protection of our clients’ data and identification is paramount and we believe that it is of the utmost importance that our procedures and insurances reflect this.

EOL ensure that all existing data and forms of identification are fully erased from hard disks, storage media and hardware using documented, quality controlled processes that exceed the highest security standards set by the NCSC.

EOL acts in a responsible and committed way to both our clients and the environment; our staff and management are working as one team to achieve our goals

EOL IT Services in the Community

EOL IT Services works with a number of local charities and educational facilities to provide IT equipment for needy causes. In addition, as part of our standard disposal agreement, EOL are happy to facilitate donations to a charitable or educational organisation of the client’s choice.

Client Staff Purchase Scheme

We are able to offer contracted clients a Staff Purchase Scheme. This allows their staff to purchase refurbished IT equipment at an attractive discount over and above our already competitive retail prices.

EOL IT Services and its staff

We firmly believes in promoting from within its own organisation wherever possible and, where required, putting in to place the necessary training to the benefit of all our staff. We work closely with a local training company to enable our younger members of staff to work towards qualifications in IT, Warehousing, Business Administration and Customer Service..

As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.

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