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  2. Environmental Policy

Committed and focussed on responsibly recycling

EOL IT Services is one of the UK’s leading independent IT project management, data security and asset disposal companies.

We have a strong Environmental Policy, ensuring compliance with all current relevant environmental legislation.We work in partnership with staff and clients to help raise awareness of environmental issues and to make continuing improvements to our operations, always focusing on reducing our Carbon Footprint.

At EOL IT Services, we demonstrate commitment and responsibility to both our clients and the environment, which is outlined in our Environmental Policy below:

  • EOL IT Services Ltd. acts in a responsible and committed way to both our clients and the environment; our staff and management are working as one team to achieve our goals
  • EOL IT Services Ltd are committed to responsibly recycle and manage clients outgoing assets to ensure minimum impact on the environment and working to continually improve these procedures
  • EOL IT Services Ltd strives to achieve a policy of reuse not recycling, dispersal not destruction
  • EOL IT Services Ltd holds quarterly review meetings on all environmental legislation and regulations. These reviews also cover internal procedures. Our aim is to minimise waste and maximise energy efficiency. The minutes of these meetings are freely available and distributed to all employees to ensure 100% compliance
  • EOL IT Services Ltd holds a Waste Management Licence. Licence No: EAWML/71465
  • EOL IT Services Ltd is a Registered Waste Carrier. Registration Number AEA/792689. We can therefore provide Waster Transfer Notes for any collection of equipment that is collected for destruction
  • EOL IT Services Ltd works closely with our waste partners for responsible disposal of specific products that are beyond economical repair. Our emphasis for the utilisation of this method is, as little as possible
  • EOL IT Services Ltd takes into consideration the importance of efficient transport and the possible effects on the environment through pollution.
  • EOL IT Services Ltd expects all suppliers / vendors to operate to similar environmental standards. EOL IT Services Ltd encourages all suppliers to be aware of their own processes and the effect it could have on the environment
  • EOL IT Services Ltd is able to work together with Clients to improve awareness and reduce their own impact on the environmenta
  • EOL IT Services Ltd have now achieved recognition of our Asset Management Services, independently certified to the International Quality Assurance Standard of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Members of EOL’s Client Services Team regularly attend Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling (ICER) Meetings to ensure we are kept up to date with any developments relating to the WEEE Directive
  • EOL IT Services Ltd is committed, remaining vigilant and informed of all forthcoming legislation, controlling irresponsible disposals and to correctly recycle for the good of all
  • EOL IT Services Ltd is a committed and focused team of people working with and for our clients, to achieve only the best

As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.

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