EOL Compliance

EOL IT Services is one of the UK’s leading independent IT project management, data security and asset disposal companies and we are regularly audited by the Environment Agency (EA) who monitors our systems and compliance.

At EOL IT Services we have made a strong and on-going commitment to meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) criteria, and to ensure that our clients meet exacting standards of disposal and data erasure. We operate a zero landfill policy and our aim is to reuse 90% of all IT equipment collected; the remaining 10% goes to our waste management partners for further refinement.

EOL IT Services understand the issues and responsibilities placed on us by the Landfill Regulations Act 2002, so we ensure that all our partners are processing our waste correctly. We use our internal audits and ISO 14001 Environmental Standard to maintain awareness and monitor any risks in the process. Find out more about our Corporate Social Responsibility.

EOL IT Services has a strong Environmental Policy, ensuring compliance with all current environmental legislation. We work in partnership with staff and clients to help raise awareness of environmental issues and to make continuing improvements to our operations, always focusing on reducing our Carbon Footprint.

At EOL IT Services we demonstrate commitment and responsibility to both our clients and the environment, which is outlined in our Environmental Policy and includes:

  • Our commitment to responsibly recycle and manage clients outgoing assets to ensure minimum impact on the environment
  • Holding quarterly review meetings on all environmental legislation and regulations, aiming to minimise waste and maximise energy efficiency
  • Working closely with waste management partners for responsible disposal of specific products that are beyond economical repair
  • Taking into consideration the importance of efficient transport and the possible effect on the environment through pollution
  • Working together with clients to improve awareness and reduce their own impact on the environment
  • Regularly attending Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling (ICER) Meetings to ensure we are kept up to date with any developments relating to pending legislation