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EOL are the most accredited independent ITAD in the UK. An outstanding service provider within this sector we provide an extensive and security focused range of IT Lifecycle services in support of our clients.

EOL IT Services are the most accredited independent IT Asset Disposal Company in the UK.

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Who are EOL IT Services?

47% of businesses do not erase data correctly and risk huge fines. Relax, EOL can help.

EOL IT Services Ltd is the UK’s most accredited provider of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), Lifecycle Services and Data Destruction.

Established in 1996 our services ensure that you mitigate the risks associated with securely managing your IT assets throughout their lifecycle, comply with all relevant data security, mitigate risk, ensure environmental compliance and reduce costs.

EOL’s commitment to a truly secure chain of custody and our compliant processes has ensured our accreditations go beyond the normal standards now expected. Our investment is on-going – with both quality and compliance – supplying secure and sustainable services to our client base in the UK and Europe

Why Use EOL IT Services?

Established in 1996, EOL are one of the longest standing and respected ITAD’s in the industry and the most accredited independent. Our commitment to data security is tireless and as one of the market leaders we implement innovative and robust service solutions for our clients, across every sector.

Focussed on ensuring long-standing client relationships, we ensure our services offer a reliable and security focussed IT asset disposition service encompassing onsite services, secure relocations, data destruction and finally through re-marketing or re-use – disposal. We provide a range of other lifecycle services which include supporting our clients with refresh/deployment projects, lease return, secure storage and more.

EOL also partner with VAR’s, IT Manufacturers, Leasing Companies and Systems Integrators to create a “single source” concept for the management of IT Assets.

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