1. Our Partnerships

Our relationships prepare businesses for the future.

EOL work with a trusted, select group of strategic partners to co-create tailored propositions that meet our Clients immediate requirements, as well as nurturing their future aspirations.

Combining our joint expertise leverages the extensive experience we have to offer and ensures a greater offering to our clients.  By providing additional solutions and services, and combining the skills and resources of other specialists, we can provide and achieve more for all involved.

Strategic Partners

Our partnerships enjoy an overriding sense of openness, shared culture, goals and objectives, with a need to develop mutual respect and keeping to and exceeding, our clients expectations and requirements.

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Liquid Technology

A suite of effective impartial solutions to help companies manage their excess technology by destroying data and mitigating the risk of recycling liability. 

Innovent Leasing

InnoVent is a leading IT Lease and asset management business, helping clients effectively manage the lifecycle of their IT assets in a more secure, cost effective, transparent and sustainable manner.

EOL – The missing link to your business strengths.

EOL’s Partner Programme enables you to offer this contracted service to your clients and allows your organisation to reap the benefits of margin opportunities by working with us.

Data Security – A secure, compliant and fully accredited IT Asset Recovery service including the sanitisation or destruction of data bearing media to NCSC/CPNI standards;

Professional – EOL are the most accredited ITAD in the UK.  Established since 1996 our management team have well over 100 years of experience within the ITAD sector.   Our strategy has always been to achieve every possible certification standard to prove the quality and security of the service we provide.

Chain of Custody – Recycling or a disposal route of all end of life IT inventory with comprehensive audit reporting and compliance – most companies are still unprepared for GDPR – they can rest assured they have a partner that actively assists with their compliance requirements.

Residual Value – Effective re sale management of IT assets providing the maximum resale value for your assets. The trade relationships we have built over many years means that we can achieve the best residual value in the market and return more revenue to your customer, than anyone else in the sector.

Portfolio Addition – An ITAD Partner such as EOL provides a true end-to-end service and supply solution to the Partner. Partners without downstream services risk competitors engaging with their clients and degrading revenue sources.

Residual Revenue – EOL will add an additional revenue stream that the Partner can achieve without significant investment. Revenues can literally allow the partner to provide new equipment cheaper than any competitor.

Increase Commission – For the Partner’s Sales team, commission is key!  EOL’s solutions could expand an already saturated client and make the solution that EOL and the Partner provide irreplaceable.

Trusted Partner – Not all ITAD’s are easy to do business with for Partners. EOL is the only true Enterprise level ITAD, capable of communicating at the highest levels and with systems designed to compliment big business.

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    EOL work with organisations across every sector and will come back to you within 24 hours of your original enquiry. Unfortunately however, we are unable to work with individual enquiries and would recommend that for domestic enquiries that individuals contact their local recycling centre for guidance.


    As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.

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