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Innovent Leasing

“The services EOL provide are imperative not only to InnoVent, but more importantly to our customer needs and without EOL we wouldn’t be able to offer the same level of professionalism, flexibility and value for money that our clients desire”.

Adrian Saint

COO, InnoVent Leasing

InnoVent is a leading IT Lease and asset management business, helping clients effectively manage the lifecycle of their IT assets in a more secure, cost effective, transparent and sustainable manner.

InnoVent help clients acquire the appropriate technology for their needs, including validating pricing to ensure that you as the end user are paying market prices for all of your requirements.

With our industry leading tool, iClams, IT and finance have increased control and transparency of businesses IT assets in one place, enabling more informed decision making to take place.

InnoVent’s unique model delivers the real Circular Economy business model fit for the 21st century demands of IT. With a sustainable re-use focus where devices are refurbished to be “as good as new” and re-leased to a secondary user, through their 2nd Life programme. This unique model helps to reduce the embodied carbon in IT operations and reduces costs for all users.

InnoVent are strategic partners with EOL to enable a stronger lifecycle management approach for its clients. This includes the secure data wiping and processing of end of lease assets and now more than ever a stronger focus on offering EOL IT services to our clients to enable configuration, imaging and logistic services. This has enabled thousands of clients users to receive their new device, ready to work from and on time at the right place.

For more information,
visit https://www.innovent.co.uk/leasing-new-it/

As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.



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