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What could be more important to any business or establishment than its Data?

Data, that your staff and internal processes have protected and managed to enable your organisation to grow, is now to be discarded, along with retiring IT assets and equipment.

Another dilemma, is the best option or best supplier, to ensure that your data has been erased and that you are protected.

EOL IT Services provide a range of Data Destruction Services to guarantee 100% Data Information Security for businesses, local authorities, educational facilities and healthcare organisations.

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However, there are 2 very important factors here.

1)       The choice of erasure you make and the supplier to carry it out; and

2)       Your own internal processes to correctly audit the outgoing inventory to satisfy internal compliance.

The most popular choice of Data Erasure/Wiping of data from any data bearing asset, including Mobile Phones, is Blancco.   Blancco erasure solutions are the most respected and widely used product worldwide.

The wiping/erasure of data bearing items allows your PCs/Servers/Laptops to be reused as data wiped products and could now be remarketed to another user.  Blancco is an NCSC approved and certified software erasure product for magnetic hard drives.

A second route, often driven by internal policy and compliance, is a Shredding Route for destruction of data.  This route will provide complete destruction of any media containing data or any other media material.  The mechanical processes to crush, chop, then shred into smaller pieces, is a standard process. The size of the shredded material is usually a maximum of 30mm and if required, shredded down further to 6mm.  This fragmented material is then sent on to refining partners who will continue the refining process.  A record of all items shredded and where they originated from are recorded back to the client for their own internal auditing information.

When undergoing data destruction there are 4 procedures to be considered and in some cases, a combination of these methods could achieve the results you are looking for.  EOL IT Services are able to carry out any of these methods either at your own facilities or at our own secure premises.

Data Wiping: EOL utilise NCSC approved software to erase the hard drive and this is carried out using Blancco certified software via a LAN connection. Every data wipe produces a Certificate of Erasure with full details of the items wiped.

Data Degaussing: EOL also use data degaussing to erase data, audio and video from magnetic storage media, such as hard drives. Degaussing can achieve the same result as wiping, although the degaussing will render the hard drive unusable in the future.

Data Shredding: EOL provide a data shredding service which ensures the total destruction of the media including hard drives. EOL can also perform this service at your own site in line with a NON RELEASE OF DATA policy.

Data Granulator: EOL utilise a granulator at our facility suitable for the destruction of magnetic media paper and electronic media. EOL’s granulators are CPNI approved.


The risks are obvious if the process is flawed:-

  • Business reputation damaged with client’s if information is released via a data breach.
  • Hard drives which contain confidential customer or employee information could breach legislation under the Data Protection Act. This will result in a financial penalty/fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
  • Your business could compromise its own competitiveness if sensitive commercial information is released into the public domain, let alone your reputation.