Guarantee the security of your data, which method is right for you?

EOL IT Services provide a range of Data Destruction Services to ensure that your business remains compliant when disposing of your retired or legacy IT Assets.

To guarantee 100% data information security for your business and certified to UK Government NCSC and CPNI standards, with certificated proof of erasure and destruction for every hard drive or data bearing asset, EOL ensures that your business remains compliant and secure.

Our services ensure all sensitive data is destroyed, adheres to industry standards and includes a full audit trail with itemised reporting – start to finish – thus ensuring a record of all items shredded, erased or degaussed and where they originated from is kept so that they can be traced for your own internal auditing information.

All of our IT disposal services are WEEE Compliant and currently exceed all relevant UK and European legislation requirements.

On Site Physical Destruction

Let us come to your location,  at your convenience

Data Destruction at EOL’s Facility

From bulk erasure to witnessed destruction

What are the options for secure data erasure?

Data Degaussing:

EOL offer NCSC approved on-site data degaussing for magnetic devices. Fully integrated with the Blancco Management Console EOL provide Blancco Certificates of Data Destruction for every device. Magnetic hard-drives, tapes, storage devices and storage media are rendered completely inoperable after use and we can erase up to 250 drives per hour.

Data Erasure:

EOL provide on/off site data wiping utilising an NCSC approved HMG Infosec Level 5 Enhanced overwrite of  hard disk drives (HDD) including SSD using Blancco certified data erasure software. Every data erasure performed produces a Certificate of Erasure, with full details of the item erased and therefore a complete audit trail for data controllers ensuring the highest possible erasure standards. Data destruction via the erasure method also ensures that the maximum residual value can then be sought for the resulting redundant IT assets.

Data Shredding:

Our CPNI approved hard drive shredder is capable of shredding down to 6mm, as required.  Our service includes the scanning of hard-drive serial numbers prior to shredding on site, ensuring a complete audit trail of secure data destruction. The entire process can also be witnessed and overseen in person, if required.

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What does our Data Destruction Service include?

  • Data Destruction – we can degauss, shred or erase on/offsite
  • Audit Trail – all device serial numbers are scanned and recorded to be aligned with internal asset management.
  • Certificates of Data Destruction – provided on the same day
  • Removal and final recycling of destroyed IT equipment

The risks are obvious if the process is flawed:

  • Hard drives which contain confidential customer or employee information could breach legislation under the GDPR. This will result in a financial penalty/fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
  • Business reputation damaged with client’s if information is released via a data breach.
  • Your business could compromise its own competitiveness if sensitive commercial information is released into the public domain, let alone your reputation.

As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.


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