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From the preparation of equipment to be deployed (purchase, storage, auditing, PAT testing and imaging) to deployment (delivery to site, desktop deployment, desktop install and cable management) and decommissioning (inventory audit, IMAC, EMAC, onsite destruction) – we’ve got you covered.

These are just some of the additional services we are providing to our existing clients.


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IT Decommissioning

Redundant IT equipment forms a crucial part of any project, placing a strain on valuable technical resources to deal with downgraded inventory destined for retirement, expensive real estate space and in some cases possible security risks. EOL’s experienced team of accredited engineers will safely and securely decommission and remove your redundant IT equipment, ensuring deadlines are adhered to and any disruption to lead services is therefore, eliminated. EOL can also provide on-site data destruction of data bearing media, prior to removal to mitigate risk:

Our standard de-commissioning service includes:

  • A full site scope
  • Power down & decommissioning
  • Removal of cables & peripherals
  • Secure Data Erasure/Destruction (on or off-site)
  • Full Asset Recording & Auditing
  • WEEE Compliance

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    Secure Relocations

    EOL provide a flexible, secure, compliant and reliable re-location service to our clients from anywhere in the UK, to anywhere in the World, tailoring our solutions to meet your requirements.

    Wherever you need to securely relocate your assets to, EOL is here to help. Our skilled team of engineers and dedicated logistics teams provide efficient and tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

    Some of the services we offer include:

    • Pre-move audit and risk assessment
    • Decommission, cable management & installation
    • Purpose built secure flight cases
    • Secure transportation in GPS tracked and fully insured vehicles
    • Out of hours service to minimise disruption and downtime
    • Post Move Inspection & support

    Onsite Audit

    EOL offer an onsite audit service that is available to our clients either as part of your asset collection service or during the life of your assets. Our skilled technicians will record each data bearing asset to include the serial tag, asset tag, location and any other client specific detail required, providing you with a detailed record that can be added to your ITAM system.

    IT Preparation, Roll Out & Installation

    Budgets, timescales, staff shortages or software upgrades all form part of the challenge of any IT roll—out project. EOL have always provided comprehensive services for all aspects of IT implementation. It may be an individual department, entire floor or building or a data centre. Whatever the size or complexity, the concerns and urgency are the same. Our “pre-install” service will take delivery of your inventory to our facility, asset-tag all inventory and pre-install software, relieving the pressure placed on internal staff. Post installation surveys are carried out with the same diligence and supervision by our Project Managers.

    Clients may have large projects that run over protracted perios of time to prevent disruption to the business. EOL can work with a small number of installs at a time if the project demands it – we are always flexible and supportive of these situations.

    Our standard service includes:

    • Receive delivery of equipment and unpack
    • Dispose of packaging, apply asset tags and supply audit reports
    • Prepare and install peripherals and software
    • Deliver to desk and power on
    • Out of hours service available to minimise downtime
    • Post installation support
    • Removal & secure disposal of redundant equipment with full certification
    • Hands on accredited Prince2 Project Managers

    Moves & Changes (MAC Services)

    The majority of projects involve relocating both IT infrastructure and staff.

    EOL’s core service includes PCs, workstations and peripherals. A pre-move audit assesses the network and configuration of each workstation. A pre-move “user layout map” is an essential part of each project to ensure a speedy return to a business as usual status.

    EOL perform an audit to track assets numbers for all inventory, to ensure it matches with your own business estate records, following a well thought out and planned process which eliminates risk or violation of data security.

    EOL’s standard service includes:

    • Full pre-move audit of infrastructure
    • Ensure all requirements for go live site are in place and functional
    • Provide all packaging requirements and assist with packing for move, complete with asset tracking
    • Physical move of all assets – if leaving a secure building this may include lockable flight cases for high value items or sensitive data assets – utilising secure GPS tracked vehicles.
    • Highest level of security with DBS staff screened in line with BS 7858 standard as a minimum – SC cleared staff are also available.
    • Set up and test all equipment, ready for go live
    • On site go live support or floor walkers
    • Project Management support as required
    • Out of hours working available, to minimise downtime.

    As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.

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