On-site Hard Drive Destruction

EOL increasingly find that our clients require secure on site data destruction, prior to the removal of any redundant IT assets from their facility – ensuring a secure chain of custody.

We offer several different secure services, for both magnetic and solid state devices, as well as other media bearing items and this service is popular across all sectors.


Meet DAVE – our dedicated, on site, high volume hard-drive destruction vehicle. Equipped with a powerful CPNI approved hard drive shredder and capable of shredding down to 6mm.

Our service incudes the scanning of hard-drive serial numbers prior to shredding on site, ensuring a complete audit trail of secure data destruction. The entire process can also be witnessed and overseen in person, if required.

EOL can shred up to 1000 hard drives per day and Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided on the same day.

Dave Van

On site Data Erasure

EOL provide on site data erasure utilising an NCSC (previously CESG) approved HMG Infosec Level 5 Enhanced overwrite of the hard drive using Blancco certified software. Every data erasure performed produces a Certificate of Erasure, with full details of the item erased and therefore a complete audit trail for data controllers. Data destruction via the erasure method also ensures that the maximum residual value can then be sought for the resulting redundant IT assets.


On Site Data Degaussing

EOL offer NCSC (previously CESG) approved on-site data degaussing for magnetic devices. Fully integrated with the Blancco Management Console EOL provide Blancco Certificates of Data Destruction for every device. Magnetic hard-drives and tapes are rendered completely inoperable after use and we can erase up to 250 drives per hour.

Secure Storage – Lockable Bins

EOL can provide lockable storage bins for use at your facility and ensure that all loose data bearing media, is securely stored in one location. These bins are vital for the secure storage of hard-drives, SSDs, DVDs, CDs, mobile phones and other data bearing devices.

Slim line and compact with slot entry and a lockable lid, they store up to 150 hard drives.

Interested in purchasing or hiring a Hard Drive/media storage bin? Contact us on 0845 600 4696.