What sets EOL apart from the rest

EOL IT Services is the UK’s most accredited provider of IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), Lifecycle Services and Data Destruction.

Established in 1996 our services ensure that you mitigate the risks associated with securely managing your IT assets throughout their lifecycle, comply with all relevant data security requirements, ensure environmental compliance and reduce costs.

Our commitment to data security is tireless and as one of the market leaders we implement innovative and robust service solutions for our clients, across every sector.

Our services strengthen and support your business because:

  • We are the most accredited ITAD in the UK and are absolutely unique as the only business with both CAS-S and ADISA’s Distinction audit pass. EOL IT Services recently became one of only 5 organisations to be CAS-S certified, meaning that we are trusted by UK government to perform secure services at the very highest levels.
  • Unlike many in the ITAD market, we are not part of a larger, multi-faceted business, but a specialist in what we do. We remain heavily invested in the success of EOL’s ITAD services and therefore, have to be exemplary in quality and reputation to remain in business.
  • EOL has been established since 1996 and the management team have well over 100 years of experience within the ITAD sector, meaning that there are no issues that could occur that EOL would not have robust processes and experience of solving.
  • Our customer satisfaction runs at over 96% with many clients having remained with us for well over a decade of business.
  • We do not employ sub-contractors for any services we provide, using only our own staff to ensure continuity of service and good customer relationships
  • The trade relationships we have built over many years means that we can achieve the best residual value in the market and return more revenue to you than anyone else in the sector.
  • In multiple circumstances when competitors claim to offer a higher % of ‘Residual Value’, our trade relationships and E-Commerce facilities consistently return higher values to the client in real terms.
  • Our strategy has always been to achieve every possible certification standard to prove the quality and security of the service we provide. We believe that the post GDPR requirements for ITAD services places us as the very best in the industry and all at EOL, are deeply proud of what we have achieved.

As the UK’s most accredited ITAD, EOL remains focussed on enhancing our resources, capabilities and compliance in line with evolving clients’ needs and changing legislative requirements.

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