As security breaches continue to increase and with significant changes to regulation on the horizon, the value of data is making every business sit up and take notice of how they minimise their risk of compromise.

ITAD Services are no longer performed after your involvement as a VAR or MSP and increasingly budget is set at the deployment phase and often used to off-set other costs.  Post GDPR, ITAD Services are no longer an afterthought, but an integral part of every IT Supply Chain.

Offering clients a reliable and secure route for their redundant IT equipment when installing new equipment for them, creates opportunities for the sale of more equipment (rather than internal redeployment), an additional revenue stream and also critically solves Client issues of a compliant, secure and environmentally sound retirement route for legacy equipment.

Post GDPR, asset disposal collections must now take place with a contract in place and there are stringent rules regarding both third party data processors, transparency and breach notification.


EOL – The missing link to your business strengths.


EOL’s Partner Programme enables you to offer this contracted service to your clients and allows your organisation to reap the benefits of margin opportunities by working with us.




  • A secure, compliant and fully accredited IT Asset Recovery service;
  • Sanitisation or destruction of data bearing media to NCSC/CPNI standards;
  • Removal of retired IT assets by our extensive professional security cleared logistics team;
  • Recycling or a disposal route of all end of life IT inventory with comprehensive audit reporting;
  • Effective re sale management of IT assets promoting residual value opportunities; and
  • Compliance – most companies are still unprepared for GDPR – they can rest assured they have a partner that actively assists with their compliance requirements.


  • By working with the most accredited ITAD in the UK, you can be sure of partnering with the best solution provider available;
  • Sell more equipment by encouraging the removal of old equipment (rather than internal re-deployment);
  • Don’t allow competitors a “back door” into your client by not providing ITAD services;
  • Create additional revenue with excellent margin on disposal charges and residual values;
  • Attract new clients with an all-encompassing ITAD Service – EOL’s Trade in system actually allows you to beat competitors pricing by off-setting; and
  • Fix the cost – annual fixed cost options available – we can partner with you to provide a guaranteed fixed cost to match your client’s budget.

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